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Trade Show Solutions

Making a good first impression and ensuring a positive long-term impression are essential at trade shows. Attendees are bombarded with messages and giveaways. What are you going to do to make sure your message gets across? That’s where EmbroidMe can help! We offer a huge variety of promotional trade show favorites and our experts can help you find the items that are perfect for representing your brand, but it’s not just effective giveaways that matter. We can also ensure that your brand is proudly on display in the apparel that booth workers are wearing, on the lanyards that your staff is wearing, and even on the branded tablecloth that decorates your booth. We have everything you need to display your logo including pens, pads, calculators, note pads, lanyards, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, buttons, and badges.

Remember, your goal shouldn’t be to find items that someone will enjoy at the show. Instead, look for items they will take home and continue to use. For example, tote bags get used over and over again and ensure continued exposure for the brand.

Here’s how EmbroidMe can help you make the most of your trade show opportunities:

Create Pre-Show Buzz

What if you could start reaching your trade show customers in advance of the event? You can! Imprinted products can help attract people to the trade show, and to your booth. Get your hands on a list of attendees and send them lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches and bags. They’ll know who you are, before they even arrive!

Trade show booth winners

When the show starts, the game is on and your quest is to grab attendees’ attention and keep it. Start with a branded booth that conveys the look and feel of your company. Employees in the booth should look professional, but feel comfortable. Pick bright colors for your booth, including the matching logoed apparel, so your team will stand out no matter what. Use the same colors throughout your booth on the tablecloth and in all of your branding messages.

Make sure you have an eye-catching item to grab the attention of passers-by so you can have a chance to introduce yourself. Mints, candy, and anything to eat will usually do the trick. After you’ve met the person, offer an additional gift for stopping by such as a letter opener or keychain.

Break out Session Success

It’s not just the trade show floor where giveaways can be put to use. Think about the items people will need for educational sessions. Why not give them something they’ll be apt to use right away like an organizer, coffee mug, pens, highlighters, or folders. Think beyond that session with USB drives that are pre-loaded with your message to show your potential customers that your company is special.

Post Show

Just because the show is over, that doesn’t mean your efforts should end. Contact your prospects quickly and make a lasting impression with items that are functional and memorable. Contact your local EmbroidMe store for ways to make your brand visible. We can help you find items that will accommodate not just your logo, but important contact information. We have thousands of items to choose from! Let us help you find the product that’s just right for you.